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abdominal adj : of or relating to or near the abdomen; "abdominal muscles" n : the muscles of the abdomen [syn: abdominal muscle, ab]

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Compare French abdominal.



  1. of or pertaining to the abdomen
    abdominal muscles
    abdominal cavity
  2. In the context of "zoology": having abdominal fins; belonging to the Abdominales; as, abdominal fishes.


  • (of or pertaining to the abdomen): ventral


of or pertaining to the abdomen
  • Czech: břišní
  • Finnish: vatsa- (in compounds)
  • French: abdominal
  • Interlingua: abdominal
  • Irish: bolgach a1
  • Italian: addominale
  • Portuguese: abdominal
  • Spanish: abdominal
  • German: abdominal, also: den Unterleib betreffend
having abdominal fins

Derived terms


  1. a fish of the order Abdominales

Usage notes

This name is no longer used, and should be treated as a synonym in the order Cypriniformes.

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